Attorney Cadem Makes New Law Protecting Minnesota Motorists

Attorney Cadem made new law in a published opinion by the Minnesota Court of Appeals (State v. Stall, A13-1041; April 14, 2014).  In the opinion, the court held that random stops of vehicles by State Patrol personnel who are not troopers is unlawful. In laymen terms, state patrol motor vehicle inspectors standing at roadside waiving vehicles to the side of the road or with signs commanding “all commercial vehicles must stop” are no longer permitted. This is a big win for the commercial trucking and farming industries who were regularly victimized by regular (and sometimes repeated) suspicionless stops during their work day.

This was also  important because twice Mr. Cadem presented this argument to separate District Courts and both times the District Court ruled against his clients. In one of those cases, Mr. Cadem successfully defended his client at trial and obtained an acquittal of all charges. The second case was the Stall case, which Mr. Cadem appealed pro bono due to his client’s inability to pay and Mr. Cadem’s strong commitment to seeking justice for his clients.