Attorney Cadem Purchases Law Office Building

Cadem Law Group is pleased to announce the purchase of the law office building at 1005 Pebble Lake Road in Fergus Falls.  The acquisition is part of a three-year plan to expand the current facilities, add at least one new attorney and staff member, and to update the building with state of the art technology and accommodations.  The purchase and remodel will better enable CLG to serve its customers and will permit CLG to expand its practice areas.

The remodel will included updated finishes throughout the building, expanded windows overlooking the wetland, a deck for hosting social events and meetings, and a new waiting area and conference room.  As much as possible, the building will be going “green.”  Low flow toilets, a green living roof, and high efficiency lighting and windows are part of the current plan.  CLG is also currently exploring the purchase of additional land behind the building which would be restored as native prairie land.  Construction is already underway, so clients are asked to be patient and use caution when visiting.