Christopher Cadem Named Attorney of the Year by Minnesota Lawyer Magazine

Attorney of the Year 2022

Attorney Christopher Cadem Named Attorney of the Year by Minnesota Lawyer Magazine On February 15, 2023, Christopher Cadem was recognized as an Attorney of the Year for his outstanding legal work in 2022. The honor related most directly to a harassment restraining order case of state-wide importance that Mr. Cadem took to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and won. As a result of the case, the Court of Appeals issued a precedential opinion which binds all Minnesota Courts moving forward.

Prior to the win, the District Courts were routinely denying litigants their day in court if they felt the case was better handled in a different forum, a different court, or not at all. This oftentimes resulted in unfair and inconsistent results, with some people getting to bring their case, and others being denied for no objective or apparent reason. Because this issue was happening routinely, and because the cost of bringing such an appeal was prohibitively expensive, Mr. Cadem took the case pro bono (without charge).

Said Mr. Cadem: “I was surprised and honored to have been selected for this award. As an attorney, my job is to fight tooth-and-nail for my clients, despite the odds. Sometimes, that means taking the fight to the next level, even when a client cannot afford it. I simply cannot accept a court not following the law. That is unacceptable to me, as is losing. So bringing the appeal was an easy decision to make.”

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