Harassment / Order For Protection

Orders for Protection (OFP) and Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO), are civil remedies available to victims of harassment, threats, or violence. These court orders forbid a particular individual from having contact with certain other people or persons allegedly victimized by harassment, threats of violence, or violence. They can be preliminarily obtained against someone without any hearing or opportunity to defend, and can dramatically affect the defendant’s rights in future criminal and family law proceedings.

Pursuant to Minnesota law, the Courts are required to assist individuals in filing for OFPs and HROs without the aid of an attorney. As a result, petitions for OFPs and HROs are oftentimes filed by an individual without an attorney and petitioners and defendants alike mistakenly believe that future court proceedings will be short and simple. Rarely is that the case. Many OFP and HRO hearings mushroom into full-blown mudslinging trials with complex witness testimony and exhibits. Additionally, it is not uncommon for the opposing party to appear with an attorney without notice on the day of the hearing in an attempt to sabotage the opposing party.

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Key Practice Topics: OFP; HRO; TRO; Harassment; Terroristic Threats; Domestic Violence; Assault; Battery; Petition; Shelter; First Appearance; Request a Hearing; Summons; Service of Process; Restraining Order; Victim; Rights; Advocate; Someplace Safe.