Attorney Christopher Cadem Appointed Interim Wilkin County Attorney

In November 2021, Christopher Cadem was appointed as the interim Wilkin County Attorney after the former Wilkin County attorney resigned mid-term for personal reasons. Initially, Mr. Cadem was asked to step in only to prosecute a multiple-victim First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct case three days before the trial was scheduled to commence. Carolyn Cadem served as second chair for the trial. After obtaining convictions on six of the seven counts in the complaint, Mr. Cadem was asked whether he would step in as the full-time County Attorney while Wilkin County looked for a permanent replacement. Mr. Cadem agreed. Although he is committed to criminal defense and defense of the U.S. and Minnesota Constitutions, Mr. Cadem knew that without his experience and willingness to step in to help, the constitutional rights of countless people would be severely affected because criminal hearings and trials would all come to a stop, even for those in jail awaiting trials.

Mr. Cadem has since returned to full-time private practice at Cadem Law Group. Although he enjoyed the opportunity and experience, he is glad to be back doing what he loves most: aggressively defending the rights of his clients.

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